Indirect Tax :
Vat / Sales Tax are state level taxes levied on sales of goods (including computer software), work contract and hiring of goods. Since the introduction of VAT (Value Added Tax), compliance requirement have increased manifold and require expert services for maintenance of records and calculation of tax liability. AJA LLP provide following services for compliance with VAT / Sales Tax:
Vat Related Services
  • Pan India based VAT / CST Registration, Compliances and Audit.
  • Local (Maharashtra State) Registration with VAT / Sales Tax Authorities.
  • E-Filling of Periodical VAT / CST Returns and calculation of tax liability.
  • Assisting with various other VAT / Sales Tax compliances.
  • Procurement of Statutory Forms – C/E1/E2/H/F & I Forms.
  • VAT Planning and Advisory Services.
  • We represent our client in following vat related departmental assessments and audits.
    1. -Business Audit
    2. - Refund Audit
    3. -Desk Audit
    4. -Issue Based Audit
    5. - Ex-Party order Cancellation
    6. - Appeals
Service Tax:
Service tax is a central tax, which has been imposed on certain services and is the latest addition to the genus of indirect taxes like customs and central excise duty. Service Tax is collected by Central Excise Department.
Service Tax Related Services includes:
  • Registration and Compliance
  • Compiling the data of CENVAT Credits for service tax.
  • Compiling and calculating the net service tax on output services after taking benefit of CENVAT Credits.
  • Preparing & Filing of Service Tax Returns.
  • Advising on the issues relating to Service tax.
  • Consultancy on the maintenance of prescribed records.
  • Tax Planning as regards the minimization of Service Tax Liability
  • Consultancy on Structuring of Transactions and Contracts
  • Consultancy on Service Tax implications on Cross Border Transactions
  • Representations and Assessments Litigation and Opinions
  • Compliance Services
Professional Tax , Luxury Tax and Entry tax Related Services:
Some of our Profession Tax related services
  • Obtain Registration under Professional Tax Act
  • E-filing of periodical professional Tax return
  • Professional Tax advisory services
  • Assisting with various professional Tax Compliances
  • Representation under professional Tax Act
Some of our Luxury Tax related services
  • Obtain Registration under Luxury Tax Act
  • Filing of periodical Luxury Tax return
  • Luxury Tax advisory services
  • Assisting with various Luxury Tax Compliances
  • Representation under Luxury Tax Act
Some of our Entry Tax related services
  • Obtain Registration under Entry Tax Act
  • Filing of periodical Entry Tax return
  • Entry Tax advisory services
Excise Duty:
Excise Duty Consultancy includes the following services:
  • Excise Duty Planning
  • Assistance and monitoring of Excise Audit by External Cost Accountants
  • Preparation of Cost Accounting Records in term of Cost Accounting (Records) Rules.
  • Internal Audit of Excise Records and assuring management of correctness of payments to Excise Authorities.
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